• ·   TÜDEMSAŞ RGNS Freight Wagon (Design-Analysis and Tests for TSI Certification)
  • Low-Speed Impact Tests of Freight Wagons
  • Cruise Tests at Rail Transporting Vehicles under Operating Conditions
  • Measurement of Track-Train Interaction on Railway Switches Using Stationary Sensors (Saruhanli Test
  • Cruise Test Data Collection on TCDD E43000 Type Locomotives for Simulator Validation (TUBITAK&TCDD)
  • Numerical Stress Analysis of Rail Transporting Vehicles
  • Design of a Lightweight Freight Wagon
  • Experimental Stress and Vibration Analysis of the New Galata Bridge
  • Numerical And Experimental Analysis of Structures Subject to Underwater Explosion(TUBITAK Project)
  • Experimental and Numerical Stress Analysis of Passenger Wagon
  • Numerical Crash Analysis of Rail Vehicles
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